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BDK Architects - Householder Services 


It makes sense to consult BDK Architects, whether you are planning to build a new house or flat, to alter or extend your present home, to remodel your living space, to employ a builder, or just do it yourself.


We recognise for a private householder their building project represents a very important undertaking and a very significant investment. We attach the same amount of importance to your needs and objectives as you do. A Senior Architect is directly involved during the project’s development to give the attention and care that every individual project deserves. We passionately believe that any domestic project will benefit from our expert design input and creativity.

Download BDK Architects Householder Guide


BDK Architects will guide you through these four Project Steps:

Consult BDK Architects: We assist you with defining your desires and objectives for your project, identifying the risks involved and imaginatively and expertly interpreting your ideas. Confirm BDK Architects appointment for your project.



Secure Statutory Approvals:  We will prepare the information for and seek approvals needed before your project can be built, including making application for Planning consent (covering the projects compliance with Planning Law & Policy) and Building Bye-Law consent (covering the projects compliance with technical, practical, health & safety and functional requirements). Then you are set to progress onto the final stage:



Prepare an Exciting Design: We will work with you developing a design that imaginatively realises your objectives, optimises your investment, is economic to build and run, and brings you years of comfort, delight, enjoyment and pleasure.



Undertake the Build: Realise your project with BDK managing construction phase including selecting suitable builders, obtaining competitive prices, entering into a water-tight contract, monitoring on-site progress / quality standards / safety, agreeing valuations / payments, arranging input of other design specialists, and overseeing construction co-ordination to successful completion. Occupy & enjoy!



Initial Consultation (Complimentary at no charge and no obligation to proceed):

During this initial consultation we will either meet you at our office, or visit your property, when we will generally identify your requirements, suggest possible options, explain the process of developing the project and the approvals required, and give you some new ideas! We would be delighted to arrange an appointment and together embark on a journey of discovery, please call us on 768740 or e-mail our Principal / Director at to book an appointment to receive our Initial Consultation Service.

Explore your Virtual Environment:

Long before construction work starts our Virtual Building Technology can give you a truly three-dimensional appreciation of how the completed project will appear and feel. BDK Architects don’t just prepare two-dimensional plans, elevations and sections – we actually assemble a virtual building using our state-of-the-art CAD technology from which both a Virtual Building Model or more conventional two-dimensional drawings are produced. From this you will really discover the physical appearance of your building.


We can give you full 3D tours of the project and even give you a Virtual Building Explorer CD for you to explore on your own computer and tour your project at leisure - in virtual reality ! This is a great design aid and also makes it far easier to read and appreciate the scheme than two-dimensional drawings.


Download BDK Residential Case Studies:

 “I can honestly say we knew out of all the local architects you would be the one that could turn things around for us. A life changing [planning] decision for us yesterday so well done you!

Excellent work. Thank you again."

BDK Domestic Client, February 2016

Interior Architecture:

BDK Architects employs staff who have gained Interior design experience, in addition to our core Chartered Architects and Assistants, so we have the expertise and capability to successfully realise an attractive interior design solution as well as addressing the architectural aspects.

The Jersey Planning & Building Process:

Although the Planning Process can seem complex and daunting we apply BDK Architects experience and expert knowledge of the Planning and Building Approvals System and procedures to successfully guide your projects route through the maze.


For general guidance on the process please download BDK Architects Householders Guide. For housing in particular there are minimum requirements for Dwelling Size, External Amenity, Car Parking and Drainage which must be achieved. We will provide you with specific advice on these issues relating to your project. Also see on right-hand side our Planning & Building Process flow-chart. This can also be downloaded here


There are application fees levied by the Planning & Environment Department payable by you (separate to our fees) to the Treasurer of the States for Planning and Building Byel-Law applications. We will advise you on the current application fees applicable to your project.