Expert Architect Witness Services

The Academy of Experts has chosen to accredit Paul Harding as an Associate Practising Member (AMAE). Paul received glowing references from three lawyers, whilst working alongside a Professor of Building Technology and Expert Witness on a £1.5M legal case relating to building defects. Paul’s advice and input resulted in a negotiated settlement before the case went to trial, saving the client substantial costs.

Paul’s forty years of experience as a Chartered Architect, running his own private practice on numerous building types, his ability to write robust reports, together with substantial expertise in contractual matters, building techniques, building defects has equipped him to provide a reliable and authoritative service as an Expert Witness on all cases relating to design, planning, building regulations, building construction, building defects, architects appointments and fees. He successfully completed Expert Witness training at the Academy of Experts in February 2018 and July of 2019.

In January of 2019 the Federation of Forensic and Expert Witnesses recognised Paul’s abilities as an Expert Architect Witness, honouring him with their 2019 Expert Architect Witness of the Year Award. Paul said, “I am delighted to have received this Award and gratified the Federation recognised that my talents stand out among other Expert Witnesses in my field of expertise. It was a very nice surprise to receive the 2019 Expert Architect Witness of the Year Award out of the blue and without having had to submit an application for what is a highly valued recognition.”