Brief & Blueprint Service

The Problem

It is not uncommon for people to know they need to undertake a building project, and have thought about it quite a bit – but are uncertain how best to start. Or worse, launch into an expensive design service without first establishing a relationship or worse still, not carefully establishing the groundwork for the project.

Our Promise

“A surgeon wouldn’t operate without a proper diagnosis, so…”

Our Clients Brief & Blueprint Service / Report works in the same way. It will allow you to begin an exploration designed to precisely understand your requirements and potential roadblocks, then gives you definite:

  • Findings and recommendation
  • A plan to move forward
  • A timeline and rough order of cost

The Process

We developed this process while undertaking numerous briefings with domestic clients, for their personal home-building or alteration/renovation projects. These briefings typically meant our client had prepared a ‘Hit-List’ or ‘Wish-List’ of what they would like to achieve before we got involved. Too often this prescribed a certain approach to design and construction BEFORE they had fully completed their research and BEFORE they had critiqued their ideas.

The consequence of inadequate upfront research of your Brief and Options is like… building a house on bad foundations. The foundations are the most important part of the whole house, because everything is built on top. It’s very expensive to change the foundations once you have started to build upwards. But it’s very easy to change them if they are simply lines on a plan.

So… we spend a little more time on the research than most other firms, who rush their clients into the design phase.

There are five important steps in building

  1. Brief and Blueprint Service / Report – the first step laying foundation for subsequent stage
  2. Design phase
  3. Construction Document phase
  4. Building and Contract Management
  5. Completion & Occupation phase

Please download BDK Architects Client’s Brief and Blueprint Service for more information and outline of the first step detailing what the Needs and Options Review / Report comprises.

“BDK Architects have worked with us recently to design a small extension for our property and throughout the process we have found them to be approachable, enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Overall we have been delighted with the service offered and would not hesitate to recommend them to other potential clients.”

BDK Domestic Client, 2011