Planning Services

We have in-depth knowledge of Planning Policies, 2011 Jersey Island Plan (as amended 2014), Planning Supplementary Guidance, Practice Notes and Procedures. We have written case-papers on various Planning Policies. We have been very influential with forming Planning Policy: Our suggestions about revisions to General Development Policy (GD1) and Green Zone Policy (GD6) were taken on board by the Planning Inspectors, which were included in their recommendations to the Planning Minister negating unduly restrictive amendments tabled by a States Member, with the States Assembly ultimately adopting our recommended wording. We made submissions to three Island Plan Reviews and represented The Association of Jersey Architects at two Public Inquiries into draft Island Plan’s, appearing before the Planning Inspectors. We have worked with many Clients advising and guiding them on Planning considerations to achieve their objectives including: ​

  • Advising Clients on Planning Policy, Protocols and Practice.
  • Writing papers for Applicants and Third Parties presenting their Planning case.
  • Researching Planning History and Planning status of properties and land.
  • Representing Clients at public Planning Committee meetings.
  • Representing Clients at Planning Application stage and during Planning Appeals.
  • Undertaking Forensic Planning Investigations.
  • Advising Clients on High Hedge Appeals & Daylight calculations.

“I want to thank you for such a great piece of work. This gives us a great structure to follow and a real position…. I owe you a beer as well as your fees.”

Planning Case Client, 2013

`` I want to thank you for helping to relieve my anxieties about this project and queries I've had. Your professionalism, expertise, thoroughnessfrom the very beginning has been more than I had imagined and has reassured me and I am very grateful to you for that. You really have been amazing to work with. You are so calm and approachable and we look forward to getting the next bit done with you.”

BDK Domestic Client, 2023


We have extensive knowledge of the Historic Environment and have worked on many sensitive refurbishments, renovations and extensions to Listed Buildings, designated as Sites of Special Interest (SSI). We provide consultancy services and advice to owners over proposed additions to the SSI Register and have prepared formal Appeals against proposed Listings.

Our Clients judge our knowledge, expertise and work in these sectors as “Excellent”.