BDK Architects Win 2021 World Demolition Collaboration Award for Fort Regent Swimming Pool Demolition

BDK Architects are well known for the design and construction of high-quality buildings.  What is perhaps less well known about us; is that from time to time we are involved in the deconstruction of buildings.  This is a specialised area of the work we do and requires a high level of collaborative expertise and indepth knowledge of Health and Safety Regulations.

Many islanders will have spent many a happy occasion at the Fort Regent Swimming Pool.  This iconic building was completed in the mid-seventies and played an important role in Island life. It was with great sadness that the building reached the end of its practical life and in 2014 BDK Architects in collaboration with UK based demolition Contractors C&D Demolition Consultants were tasked with the building’s demolition.  BDK Architects role as contract administrator in the £1.76 million contract was to oversee the safe demolition of the building and to ensure compliance with all regulatory processes in relation to the removal of asbestos.

The demolition was successfully completed in 2021 and the site restored to its original condition.  The project culminated in BDK Architects being nominated for the 2021 World Demolition Collaboration Award and was highly commended.